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whats up

2009-04-25 14:16:21 by BOLT100

im here to be here i don't know why...
and yes im a dum ass


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2009-04-28 01:47:33

i'am a red and BLUE eevee how bout you?

BOLT100 responds:



2009-07-07 22:09:30

Dude, level up.

(Updated ) BOLT100 responds:

i never could when i was ronay or MCL never could srroy


2009-08-08 11:38:53

Vote on 5 flashes per day and you'll level up.

BOLT100 responds:

i don't know a bout that rig cause i never have the time


2009-11-02 22:19:53

Why are you here to be here and don't know why?

BOLT100 responds:

well i never level up and theres just no time to level up
hey listen i had a user name like ronay, MCL, and came
down to this users name...form theso users pages.


2009-11-10 14:33:52

i know why you are here, because you want to join rigs audio tema

BOLT100 responds:

yes i've been trying for years...!!!!